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Make your next memory a creative one

Sam exceeded our expectations not only did she deliver a magical fairy party experience to our little girl's party full of creativity and imagination. She was also very professional and equally friendly and on top of everything as far as her set up, communication with us parents, she answered all our questions and concerns, she was on time, and educated us about the fairies, the fairy house's and how she comes across the natural wood and recycled accessories for the fairy houses. It made the whole experience a lot more meaningful. She naturally has a gift to connect with people and that's not always easy with children since their all so different and honest with who they are. She communicate's and connects with them on their level.  My absolute favorite thing was how much the kids loved the whole experience and got lost in being creative when building their fairy houses. They spent hours just developing these magical little houses that reflected a part of their personalities. Unfortunately we live in a time where technology over rule's creative hands on art. The kids ages ranged from ages 4-10 and everyone sat together socialized, laughed and simply just had a good ol' fun time. She is real pro at executing the whole fairy and dragon party experience but more then that she loves what she does and that shines through her character. 



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